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She Sells Sea Shells!

Shell hunting on the beaches of Coastal Alabama is always an adventure!
It’s a popular activity and can be enjoyed all day, all year long, by all ages.
Tips for shelling:
Best time to go shelling on the Alabama Gulf Coast? Try early in the morning to see what the night has deposited. Head out at first light and move along the shore slowly. Tropical weather here along the Gulf Coast influences the location, type, and volume of seashells you will find. Check on recent weather makers. Depending on where the storm originates (from the east or from the west), the results can be amazing. Keep in mind, the tide changes that occur during and after a full moon make it the perfect time to find shells. Head out just after a low tide and you may be surprised at everything the ocean turned up on the beach.
Bring a bag or pail to carry your cache.
When shelling the beaches, only take those that are no longer inhabited.
Learn the local regulations. State and national parks may have laws against taking live shells.
Some good places to look:
Alabama Point
West Beach at Little Lagoon Pass
Gulf State Park Beach
Fort Morgan beaches
Be responsible about private property. The waters are public but the land often is not.

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